Therapies, including herbal medicine and nutritional supplements are used to support and stimulate our natural healing power and must be in “the gentlest, least invasive, most efficient manner possible”. Chinese Medicine uses natural substances to treat the whole patient and recognizes that the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical states must all be treated for a lasting effect.

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years and are based, in part, on working with the energetics and substance of the plants and herbs, helping the body balance accordingly. This balanced medicine has always included keeping ingredients as close to their original nature as possible. In the mid and late 1800s, the standard United States medical schools taught herbal, homeopathic, and nutritional medicine along with surgery and other types of medicines. Gradually, the pharmaceutical industry isolated components of medicinal herbs to create more potent, but potentially more toxic drugs.

Chinese herbs today differ significantly from Western pharmaceuticals in that pharmaceuticals can be synthetic or taken from a part of an herb or plant, thereby increasing its toxicity without the other properties in the whole plant to create balance.  Chinese Herbal Medicine is specifically formulated for an individual to ensure balance and effectiveness.